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Double Mountain is more than a brewery and cidery. We are the confluence, a community leader, amazing people, friendly faces, and a supporter of what we believe.  Come join us for a pint and be a part of the community.  

Established in 2007, Double Mountain Brewery & Cidery stands by the belief of creating great beers and ciders that everyone will enjoy. We are a “Brewer's Brewery”, creating beers and ciders that we love to drink. Our beers are unfiltered and long-aged, delivering complex, assertive, and balanced character. Situated in the adventurous town of Hood River, at the base of Mt. Hood, on the Columbia River, Double Mountain promotes a healthy outdoor culture with a deep community environment. Championing sustainability, we are pioneering refillable bottles in Oregon and house 25,000 sq. ft. of solar panels, pushing for a sustainable future. As the Hood River locals’ brewery, approachable staff, authenticity, community, and an affable atmosphere fill the brewery, highlighted by amazing beer, cider, and pizza.

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Drink Beer    Be Happy



Three Taproom Locations

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