Our Ingredients

We here at Double Mountain believe in the freshest ingredients, for our food and our beers. We like to source these ingredients locally if we can and then find farmers that have a similar belief in tasteful and sustainable farm practices.

Here is the story of where we source the Flour for our Pizza dough.

Shepherd’s Grain
Sustainably managed fields are north of Reardan, WA.

Why Shepherd’s Grain?

Not only is Shepherd’s Grain wheat good for the environment and the economy but it tastes delicious. “We decided to grow sustainable wheat and were happy to discover that it tastes better.”, exclaimed Fred. “Artisan bakeries are very impressed with Shepherd’s Grain wheat. A baker tried blending them together and they made a very flavorful and functional flour. Recently I was told that our flour has the most integrity that he has seen in his 30 years of baking”, says Karl. So on top of being eco-friendly the flour is excellent to bake with.

Shephards Grain, sustainably produced


Heirloom Tomatoes
We source the Heirloom Tomatoes from several local gardeners who pride themselves in growing the best tomatoes in Hood River!

Watch for more stories on our yummy ingredients!


Hood River Organics

All of Double Mountain’s mushrooms come from HR Organics, a certified-organic local grower

Zion Farm
During the summer months we get our organic spring mix and sandwich greens from Zion Farm, an organic lettuce farm that has been in operation for 25 years outside of The Dalles.

Local Organic Farms

These local organic farmers provide us with delicious and super fresh heirloom tomatoes, basil,
cucumbers, and cherry tomatoes

• Haylift Garden
• Raisin Hill Farm
• Wildwood Farm
• Royal Anne Organics
• Earth Rising Farm

Grande Cheese Co.

“Grande’s niche in the marketplace is, and always will be, to make and market “The finest Italian cheeses money can buy®” Our cheeses reflect the tradition of the Old World and are made from only the freshest, all natural ingredients, never any additives, fillers or preservatives to ensure you get exceptional flavor and consistency in the cheeses you serve”

Escalon Tomato Sauce

“6-in-1 uses only highest quality vine-ripened tomatoes, hand-selected & processed within hours of harvest. No added citric acid or preservatives.”

Carlton Farms Meats

“Located in the Coast Range foothills of northwest Oregon’s Yamhill Valley, Carlton Farms produces fresh, handcrafted meats of the highest quality for select restaurants, gourmet markets, and customers with discriminating tastes throughout the Pacific Northwest. A family-owned business, we specialize in premium fresh and natural pork as well as exceptional beef, lamb, and a variety of sausages and smoked meats.”

Olympia Provisions

“Everything that we make is handcrafted naturally with the ultimate goal of quality. In order to achieve a finished product that tastes as good as it possibly can, we pay fastidious attention to the details.

Ingredients are our inspiration and we seek out the best and freshest. We butcher antibiotic-free Pacific Northwest pork to 100% lean, adding pure, soft fatback, and a judicious amount of sea salt, fresh garlic and freshly ground spices”