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At Double Mountain, we create bold and flavorful beers that everyone wants to drink.  These include core beers rotating seasonals, numerous small-batch, and several reserves, featuring our cuveé's and krieks. Note that not all of our beers are packaged in bottles and our tap list at both taprooms is constantly changing.  For an up to date list of our current tap offerings, please visit one of our taprooms.


Turn the Haze IPA

This is hazy our way: Loaded with tropical goodness and some back-end hop presence provided by a healthy dose of late addition Cryo hops and a novel blend of Norwegian kveik yeast strains. It’s not a juice box. It’s beer. Really good beer. Confidunt in cervisia nobis. (In beer we trust)   

6.3% ABV  30 BU


Our India Red Ale uses plenty of Northwest-grown, Brewer’s Gold and Simcoe hops. With a solid foundation of Pilsner and crystal malts and our inimitable house yeast, these ingredients intertwine in delicious complexity and a shining ruby hue.   

6.5% ABV  65 BU


This unfiltered Ale features a unique yeast strain, providing restrained fruited aromas to complement the rounded malt quality; with a touch more hop character than its counterpart in Cologne. Crisp, dry, and highly refreshing.   

5.2% ABV  40 BU

Hop Lion

Tropic resin, tangerine, evergreen, and the earthy scent of Northwest petrichor leap from the nose of this proud IPA. Tangelo and fresh bread stalk closely behind, finishing with orange and dank pine.

6.7% ABV  65 BU


Challenger hops, Pilsner malt, and our house yeast strain are the headliners in this easy Pale. The result is agile, alluringly herbal, and supremely refreshing. The dry hop really makes this one sing.

6.0% ABV  55 BU

Juicy IPA

Not all Juicy IPA’s need to be hazy. Pour in to a dense tropical rainforest dripping with the
sticky, delicious mango, kind herb, and ripe orange. The taste of the tropics continues in
the rounded body, leaving only a whisper of bitterness. Juicy? Clearly.

5.6% ABV  25 BU

Hop Lava IPA

This big, glowing, powerful IPA is packed with copious amounts of Northwest hops. We balance the considerable hop flavor with a sturdy backbone of malty goodness. The result? Explosive!

7.0% ABV  75 BU

Black Irish Dry Stout

This brew is a quintessential Double Mountain take of a classic style; rich, dark creamy, full of roasted aroma, and beautifully bitter. It pours on nitrogen with a thick, luscious head that cascades to the finish, enough to make our friends across the pond proud. Sláinte!

4.0% ABV  50 BU

Jiro Japanese Lager

This light lager (pronounced gee-row) fights through the sea of IPA’s to provide optimal refreshment. Crisp, light and dry, this lager soars with earthen citrus, crispy rice cereal, and delicate floral notes.

4.8% ABV  15 BU


Devil's Kriek

Our two house yeast strains share the field with Brettanomyces Lambicus and Van and Bing cherries from the Double Mountain Orchards in this Belgian style sour. Resting on the fruit for over a year, time gives way to marionberry, tannic ripe blackberry, and sweet spring strawberry leading through a tart, dry red wine finish.

9.2% ABV  11 BU

Devil's Kriek Cuvée

Meticulously selected batches of Devil’s Kriek were racked off of the fruit and allowed to age further in new oak barrels. This brewer’s blend provokes deep ripe cherry, oak complexity, and fresh spontaneity.

ABV and BU vary with the Vintage.

Tahoma  Kriek

Rainier cherries from the Hood River Valley are harvested and sent to the brewery where they’re crushed, then added to a strong Belgian blonde base beer. This little gem sat on the fruit with three yeast strains for 13 months in our cellars, surrendering flavors of tart stone fruit, pithy grapefruit, and kumquat.

7.0% ABV  80 BU

Tahoma Cuvée

Select batches of Tahoma Kriek were racked off of the fruit and aged further in new oak barrels. This brewer’s blend is a confluence of our favorite barrels; ripe with brightcherry, smooth oak, and a tart finish.

9.6% ABV  11 BU

Pêche Mode

With nearly 500 pounds of peaches, this Belgian Ale ferments on the fruit with our house yeast and Brettanomyces Lambicus for nine months. The result is a juicy, paradise. Lightly tart and refreshing, this one drinks easy, with juicy peach and ripe citrus peeking through a farmhouse of funk.

8.7% ABV  8 BU

Pêche Cuvée

This Cuvée is the pick of the peach tree. A select amount of our Pêche Mode racked off
of the fruit and rested in new oak barrels. Farmhouse funk and juicy peach lead to a dry oak finish.

8.4% ABV  8 BU

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