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Established in 2007, Double Mountain stands by the belief of creating great beers and ciders that everyone will enjoy. We are a “Brewer's Brewery”, creating beers and ciders that we love to drink. Our beers are unfiltered and long-aged, delivering complex, assertive, and balanced character. Situated in the adventurous town of Hood River, at the base of Mt. Hood, on the Columbia River, Double Mountain embraces a healthy outdoor culture with a deep community environment. Championing sustainability, we are pioneering refillable bottles in Oregon and house 25,000 sq. ft. of solar panels, pushing for a sustainable future. As the Hood River locals’ brewery, approachable staff, authenticity, community, and an affable atmosphere fill the brewery, highlighted by amazing beer, cider, and pizza.

EST 2007

On St. Patrick’s Day 2007, Double Mountain Brewery & Cidery opened to the public. Founded by Matt Swihart and Charlie Devereaux, the pair had the vision to bring amazing beer and pizza to downtown Hood River.  Needless to say, the brewery hit the ground running.


Matt & Charlie met years ago while working at Full Sail Brewery. Sharing a common bond of good beer and food, in a wild and exciting location, the Columbia Gorge, they quickly became friends. Eventually, Charlie departed Full Sail, while Matt remained, rising to the Assistant Brewmaster position in 1999. Keeping in touch over beers became more frequent, and so did the pondering of each other's next move. Finallly, in 2007 they joined forces creating Double Mountain. In June of 2013, Matt purchased Charlie’s shares of Double Mountain, continuing the good work they created.

Double Mtn Sidewalk.bmp


As the years progressed, Double Mountain has expanded to grow apples & cherries, press fruit, and create cider. Coming about after the purchase of a 25,000 sq ft warehouse, allowed cider and sustainable practices to come into the forefront. 


Partnering with Oregon Bottle Drop, Double Mountain bottles are refillable (reuseable), which is the most sustainable package for beer or cider.  In 2018, the brewery added 25,000 sq ft of solar panels to the roof of our warehouse, making Double Mountain a Net-Zero building for years to come. 

Rest-assured, Double Mountain will continue to be at the forefront of beer and cider production, sustainability, and good times.

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Three Taproom Locations

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