Our Beers and Ciders can be found in taprooms, bars, restaurants, bottle shops, and grocery stores throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, & Northern California.  Below is a list of the distributors that carry Double Mountain Beer & Cider by area.



Portland Area
Distributor: Point Blank Portland
Contact: Jimmy Werbin
E-Mail: jwerbinpbd@gmail.com 
Website: http://www.pointblankdistributing.com/
Phone Number: 503-756-1130

Eugene Area
Distributor: Point Blank Eugene
Contact: Mike Ianuzzo
E-Mail: mikei@pointblankdistributing.com
Website: http://www.pointblankdistributing.com/
Phone Number: 541- 342-1133

Bend Area
Distributor: Point Blank Bend
Contact: Chris Stigen
E-Mail: chris@pointblankdistributing.com
Website: http://www.pointblankdistributing.com/
Phone Number: 503-232-1668

Oregon Coast

Distributor: Fort George

Contact: Cameron Pierce

E-Mail: cameron@fortgeorgedistribution.com

Website: http://www.fortgeorgedistribution.com/

Phone Number: 503-791-0284



Seattle Area
Distributor: Northwest Beverage
Contact: Jordan Kowalsky
E-Mail: Jordan.Kowalsky@nw-beverages.com 
Website: https://www.nw-beverages.com/


Spokane/Tri-Cities Area
Distributor: Odom Corporation
Contact: Kevin Hall
E-Mail: kevin.hall@odomcorp.com
Website: https://www.odomcorp.com/
Phone Number: 509- 458-4100

Bellingham Area
Distributor: Dickerson Distributing
Contact: Trevor Grove
E-Mail: trevorg@dickersondistributors.com
Website: http://www.dickersondistributors.com/
Phone Number: 360-676-1260

Vancouver, WA
Distributor: Maletis Beverage
Contact: George Dimeo
E-Mail: gdimeo@maletis.com
Website: http://www.maletis.com
Phone Number: 503-283-2337