Refillable Bottles & Sustainability

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At Double Mountain, we strongly believe in a sustainable future. Supporting the planet in numerous ways, we have implemented several sustainable initiatives. These include the largest solar panel installation in Hood River, Klickitat, and Wasco Counties, several restaurant initiatives, and most importantly Refillable Bottles.  The solar panel system will allow our warehouse to become a net-zero building within the next three years.  Most significantly, Refillable Bottles have 90% less of a carbon footprint than cans, create a circular economy, and make the future sustainable.

Kick the Can, Choose Refillable Bottles

-90% less Carbon Footprint than cans

-Reuse an average of 25 times

-Contains no plastic

-Less dissolved oxygen for the best beer/cider taste

The More You Know

By choosing beverages in refillable bottles, you help keep our air clean, our beaches, parks, and roadsides litter-free, while promoting a circular economy, and setting a model for future generations.

  • Buy a beverage in a Refillable bottle. Pay the same $0.10 deposit.

  • Enjoy your beverage.

  • Return your empties and get your $0.10 refund, just like other beverage containers.

  • BottleDrop will take care of the rest.

BottleDrop Refillables are sorted, washed, inspected, and delivered back to Oregon’s craft beverage producers.

Visit Oregon BottleDrop for more information regarding Refillable Bottles.


Did You Know?


All aluminum cans contain a plastic liner.

Shrink-wrapped and PSL cans contaminate the recycling stream and cannot be recycled.  They are taken to the landfill.

Bauxite Strip Mining, which is where aluminum comes from, is extremely harmful to the environment.

Recycling is falsely perceived as a green process.

Something lurks within cans...


kick the can. choose refillable bottles.

Join Us in Choosing Sustainability.