At Double Mountain, we create bold, flavorful, and award-winning dry ciders.  These include two year-round, five rotating seasonals, numerous small-batch, and several reserves. Note that not all of our ciders are packaged in bottles and our tap list at both taprooms is constantly changing.  For an up to date list of our current tap offerings, please visit either taproom.

Dry Cider

For our flagship cider, we kept it simple and local. Newtown’s and old-world cider apples from the Double Mountain Orchard are pressed and fermented on a house yeast strain. We gave it plenty of time to dry out and develop wondrous aromas of juicy pear, lychee, green fruit, and chamomile. It finishes tart, crisp, dry, and quenching.

6.7% ABV  

Estate Heirloom 

Earthy tartness and apple goodness from this cider pressed from apples all grown at Double Mountain’s Orchard here in Hood River.

7.0% ABV 


Leave your blush at home; it’s Rosé time. This year’s iteration is built on a backbone of pink-fleshed Mountain Rose and Pink Pearl apples and fermented with a super clean white wine yeast. Muscadine grape and honeysuckle aromas dominate, while lingonberry and raspberry sorbet notes flirt with your pallet. It’s a cider meant for the sunny days we all yearn for.

5.9% ABV 

Wickson Crab

Wickson is the apple we all deserve. Sweeter than most crab varietals and full of flavor, these little gems impart a distinct earthiness and incredible aromas of ripe honeydew and Meyer lemon. The finish? Pure prosecco. Turns out small apples can make a mighty big cider.

8.2% ABV 

Arkansas Black

What fun to work with single varietals of apples. Purple and black on the tree, the Arkansas Black has been grown since the 1800’s. This old-world fruit is renowned for its luscious cider. Juicy red apple, raspberry, honey, and a touch of vanilla cap this delightful cider.

6.7% ABV  


The Hood River Valley produces some of the best pears in the world. We took advantage of our local resources and pressed Starkrimson and Comice pears together for this Perry. And oh, is it sheer joy. Light aromas of honey, juicy pear, and green apple end in a delicately sweet, gracefully tart and crisp pear cider.

6.2% ABV 

Secret Crush

We secretly fell in love with our first Brett cider, and needed to put a second round in barrels. Perfectly dry and bursting with notes of ripe pear, pineapple, vanilla, and toasted coconut. Complex, crushable, and best kept for yourself.

6.9% ABV 


Borrowing a few techniques from the natural wine world, we macerated the finest American heirloom cider apples from the Hood River Valley and allowed their juice to rest on the skins and seeds before pressing, allowing for just a hint of additional tannic character. The cider was then fermented slow and low to maximize the fruit’s nuanced expression, highlighting notes of citron, Riesling grape, and ripe pear. All carbonation is the result of carefully monitoring the fermentation process and racking accordingly – no small feat.

5.7% ABV